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Behind the "Global Savings Glut"

A recent article in The Arab Times seems to shed some light on where all the money sloshing around the world creating asset bubbles is coming from:

We in Kuwait seem to have run out of ideas for the time being and our past generations were more creative and looked deeper into our human resources to give their best. The overseas investments have their limits and it is time to seriously think of ways of making and creating new job opportunities for our youngsters and improve their capabilities and abilities. This is the only way to move forward as our financial resources are beyond our abilities and capabilities. It may take some time to come with the right answers but this will not happen without passing some laws through our parliament. Most importantly the land utilization law and liberalization laws to allow the private sector to move forward. The government owns more than 95 percent of the Kuwaiti land and with the BOT law still under revision almost all projects have been shelved a…