Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Keeping up to date on China Stock/Economic news

I have been trying to get a daily reading list together so I can more closely follow economic developments in China. I was trying to stay as far away from western viewpoints of China as possible. Reading western news sources is like reading about science in newsweek vs reading china business based and focuses news sources -- which is more like reading the actual technical journal articles.

Ok here's my notes on the topic so far:

-Decent - basically Xinhua's (Official Chinese News Agency) business section

-brief gov news agency business headlines.

-Not bad with a lot of original information! for example:

"Tax treaty benefits
In this article, we shall analyze the process of adopting a Mauritius company as a holding vehicle. The China-Mauritius tax treaty offers some tax benefits in structuring a tax efficient holding structure for PRC investment."

- This is an example of what I didn't want to read. It's all about what other countries think of China and not what is actually going on in China. Every article has political overtones and implied western criticism of China. This is just a bunch of noise IMHO.

Looks good but you have to subscribe.

Oh you bears will like this site :). Not bad stuff...No new original content for a while...
The accusation of endemic, pervasive corruption that foreign critics of China, particularly Americans, level at it is now rendered passe, unfashionable in light of the systemic, widespread and criminal fraud that defines the American financial system and its manipulations of securitized mortgage debt.

Pretty Focused

More to Come....


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