Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gen Yer gives up on Reality TV Strategy

Mr. "I Am Facing Foreclosure" shut his blog down. It's really ugly. I tell ya. The guy tried splattering his whole arguably legally dubious situation onto the Internet and it didn't work.
More on this at Another FB'er

What I did was Stupid!!

September 24, 2006.

This blog was the WRONG kind of exposure. I APOLOGIZE to my friends, family, associates and especially EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME with my real estate transactions.

I DO NOT BLAME ANYBODY for ANYTHING and take full responsibility.

What started as an honest desire to share my experience turned into something dangerous - playing with fire. After talking to a business associate this morning I realized I went TOO far and shared TOO much. I turned something small into a big exaggerated mess. Others were telling me this too, but I wasn’t getting it. Now I crossed the line. I misused my ambition.

I have damaged my reputation and I have damaged many good relationships through this. I never meant to hurt anyone. So to stop any further damage I am shutting down and laying low.

I am sorry.

Casey Serin [email}



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