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Generation Y Meets it's First Housing Bubble!

Regarding these two web sites:

Yes, Generation Y, you do not need to fear the first housing decline you've ever seen in your life times. That's because the panacea of all panaceas, the Internet, will save you. Just take your whole life and splatter it onto the Internet in blog format, add a litle Youtube, and Web 2.0 and everything will work out. Putting a blog up will generate so much interest that you'll get a buyer in no time! With all those pageviews to your website you might even be able to pay for your mortgage payments with Ad revenue!... Worked for the MillionDollarHomePage didn't it?


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The ICO craze is in full swing. Etherium goes from 30 cents to > $300. The Ten-X ICO and others raise millions in no time. The secondary market for it shoots up massively. The two questions I ask in every bubble are:

Where is the money coming from?
How can I monitor that source of money to know when the money is going to stop coming?

 My best guess for where the money is coming from in the ICO bubble is China. China is the home of all the big Bitcoin mines and has a cottage industry of schemes to exfiltrate money out of China and into anywhere else. The "money" is also coming out of Bitcoin to some extent and into other crypto currencies due to high transaction fees.

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